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Thanks for visiting. Sustainability, personal well-being, yoga and photography are my passions. I love exploring the world and connecting with people. I have three blogs on this account - Sustainability & Well-being, Om Hop Yoga, and my Photography blog. Each serves it’s own purpose, and while one day these all may share space on one website, I hope you can appreciate each for it’s own qualities for the moment.

Below I share information about each of the blogs. While the Sustainability & Well-being blog may have seemingly similar content to my Om Hop Yoga blog, the content in the former is an exploration of a new career for me, while the latter is a more personal journey of yoga, meditation, spirituality and well-being. I hope both inspire in their own way.


This blog explores employee health and well-being in the context of sustainability. A healthy, engaged, productive and supported employee-base is a vital component of a successful and growing enterprise. I will explore the latest research, ideas, and technology around health and human behavior, employee engagement and sustainability and offer thoughtful strategies, ideas and personal anecdotes for companies, employees and communities.


Om Hop Yoga is a Pop Up Yoga Studio. From classes in public parks, to rooftops, to friends' apartments and beyond, we explore the public and private spaces in Boston and surrounding areas (classes used to be held in NYC before I moved to Cambridge in January 2014). The Om Hop idea is inspired by the transitory, changing and exploratory experience of life. Similarly, yoga is transformative and inspiring. So while hopping from one invitingly open space to another we engage in discovery not only of ourselves through the practice of yoga, but of the incredible people, places, and spaces the Boston area has to offer.

I have not yet begun running yoga classes here in Boston, however am available if anyone would like to help organize a group and kick-off Om Hop in the area.

Group Classes (3+ students) - $12
Private (1 student) - $75
Semi-private (2 students) - $110

Yoga Bio

I have explored yoga since my father brought me to my first class in 1999. The idea of teaching came to me serendipitously years later on the way to a class in Central Park in NYC that three friends and I could not find. Having brought our mats we decided to find a quiet spot for practice and they asked if me if I could lead them through a spontaneous sequence. It was one of the most gratifying experiences I had ever had. Shortly after in 2010, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Barbara Ruzansky of West Hartford Yoga. For me, yoga has been a journey of continual growth in mind, body and spirit. It has inspired me to continue evolving physically, mentally and spiritually.

My yoga classes integrate vinyasa flow and Ashtanga styles of yoga. I challenge my students to bring awareness to their bodies and serenity to their minds through the ujjayi breath. By focusing on alignment and building fire in the core, I endeavor to help my students find a deeper connection with their bodies. I incorporate meditation, pranayama, and offer modifications to the asana practice making my classes accessible to all levels of strength and flexibility.

With the conviction that we are all one, I hope to inspire my students to never stop exploring and to challenge themselves to expand the realm of possibility for their bodies and minds and begin to feel more deeply connected to themselves and the outside world.

I bring my camera everywhere I travel and I love taking photos of people. My soul feels nourished when I capture a fleeting moment, a magnificent landscape, or place I may never visit again if it weren’t for a photograph. While it’s mostly a hobby, I genuinely enjoy being approached for photographic work. I’ve done a couple weddings, an engagement, portraits, as well as some food photography. Please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to share more information.


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